Allure Glow Collection

Allure Glow Collection

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Includes: Carry My Honey Turmeric Soap (LG), Allure Turmeric Scrub, Glowing Serum, Naturally Bright Beauty Cream and Turmeric with Bentonite Clay Mask.


Helps with Hyperpigmentation

  Hyperpigmentation has several triggers which including but is not limited to sun exposure, hormonal influences, age, skin inflammation and injuries such as wound or post acne manipulation. Getting rid of hyperpigmentation has many options the most effective and least abrasive methods are implementing exfoliating and sunscreen into your skin care regimen.

Benefits of Exfoliating

Exfoliating also helps removes and minimize the appearance of dark spots which can be stubborn, knowing the cause of the dark spots will help to reduce the appearance quickly for instance is the darks spot caused by overproduction of melanin or from picking the skin and sun damage.

Moisturizing and Reducing Sun Damage

Implementing sunscreen into your skin care regimen helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize the appearance of dark and sun spots, the risk of skin cancer and protect the your skin against the sun's broad spectrum of harmful UV rays.  Its recommended to use and reapply sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection. Our Naturally Bright Beauty Cream is also a fading bream that helps to naturally brighten your skin without harmful bleaching agents; the Vitamin C included into our beauty cream will help to even out your skin tone which goes hand in hand with the hyperpigmentation component and benefits of our Allure Glow Collection.

Glowing Serum

Our Glowing Serum has active molecules that were included to potentially help target your skin surface for topical effectiveness. Our Glowing Serum helps to target dark under eyes circles, tighten your skin, increase collagen production, boost Vitamin C, soothe skin sensitivity and increase the protection from radicals and oxidative damage from UV light and environmental pollution when added BEFORE our Naturally Bright Beauty Bream however more effective and powerful when used together in each session of your skin care regimen. 



Can all of the soap bars be used for full body use?

Yes, all our bars can be used for your entire body.

What if I experience irritation?

We ask that all our customers do a test patch first to ensure no allergies. A patch test can be done using the product on your hand or forearm and wait 24-48hrs to see if you experience a reaction. 

*** NATURAL ALLURE SKIN & HAIR LLC is not liable for issues that arise from skin irritation.***

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, as soon as your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.  Please allow up to 48 hours for your tracking number to be updated by the shipping carrier.

How long is shipping?

All orders are shipped within 7-10 business days. 

What happens if my order is returned to the sender?

If your order is returned to sender, please contact our customer service department at You will be responsible for the shipping fee if items are returned for incorrect address information.

What happens if my package is lost or stolen?

Natural Allure Skin & Hair LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen packages once delivered to the shipping carrier. In the event your package is lost or stolen please contact customer service at:  Customers are responsible to file a claim with the shipping carrier.


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